Executive Coaching

Nursing Consulting Partners offers expert Executive Coaching services that target the wide spectrum of healthcare leaders who face unprecedented challenges or are leading through executive and administrative transitions such as retirements, promotions, organizational restructuring, service changes, and succession planning. We work with those identified as “high potentials” to prepare them to excel in new roles and support leaders seeking to maximize their performance. NCP coaches also work with dyads, (CNO/CMO), triads (CNO, CMO, COO), and other leadership groups to improve team performance and achieve organizational objectives.

We believe that executive coaching must involve a partnership between the coach, those being coached, and the organization supporting them. Executive coaching is a one-on-one individualized process that benefits both the leader and the organization. Client determine the goals of the coaching relationship within the context of their own organization to support strategic initiatives. NCP Executive Coaches use various coaching models and assessment tools to develop leader’s self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and executive potential to lead into the future. Our qualified and trusted NCP coaches provide valuable feedback in a confidential way to unlock potential and effectively change leadership behavior.

Our success lies in our

Phased Approach

Phase 1

Coaching Engagement

NCP consultants with executive experience and coaching qualifications partner with you to establish an Executive Coaching Agreement. Its purpose is to ensure productive outcomes, clarify roles, and set expectations. We share the proven processes, tools, and recommend approaches to create your customized coaching plan. We work with you to decide on the frequency and duration of coaching sessions. We clarify expectations and responsibilities of both the client and the coach.

Phase 2


NCP Executive Coaches conduct on- site interviews with you, your boss, peers, and direct reports. We review any previous leadership and personality assessments and may conduct other standard industry assessments. Our comprehensive assessment strategies provide genuine insight into your strengths and help shape specific goals of the coaching sessions.

Phase 3

Goal Development

Establishing precise and measurable goals that promote client growth and support organization’s strategic initiatives is an essential component of executive coaching. Our Executive Coaches believe that goal setting must be a self-directed process that clearly defines what you want to accomplish. We design a development plan with specific action steps, “homework,” and outcome measures. We discuss possible options and obstacles and help you see through “blind spots” that may be hindering you.

Phase 4


Our Executive Coaching sessions focus on your development plan. All sessions are confidential. We work with you onsite, telephonically, and online to implement action steps. Coaching sessions reinforce newly learned behaviors and guide you in developing greater self-awareness. We conduct a mid-cycle check in evaluation to monitor your progress and adjust plans as necessary.

Phase 5

Wrap-Up and Summation

NCP Executive Coaches review measures of your success in achieving your goals at the end of your Coaching Agreement. We seek your feedback about the coaching relationship and discuss potential next steps to maximize your development as a health care leader.

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