New Publication Release

Professional Governance for Nursing: The Framework for Accountability, Engagement, and Excellence

by Rachel E. Start (Author), Beverly J. Hancock (Author), Tim Porter-O’Grady (Author)

NCP is proud to announce that two of our consultants, Dr. Vicki George and Dr. Barb Haag-Heitman authored chapters in the newly released book “Professional Governance for Nursing: The Framework for Accountability, Engagement, and Excellence.” This authoritative publication by many prominent nursing leaders is designed to support your professional governance journey with effective strategies and practical insights.  

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, professional governance that facilitates the nurse’s role becomes increasingly vital. “Professional Governance in Nursing” serves as a comprehensive guide for nurse leaders, educators, and practitioners seeking to navigate the complexities of governance structures, foster accountability, and promote meaningful engagement across all levels of healthcare organizations.

Drawing on their extensive experience and expertise, Dr. George and Dr. Haag-Heitman contributed the following chapters:

Chapter 7: Peer Accountability and Relationships in a Professional Governance Structure – Amy Steinbinder PhD, RN, NE-BC,NBC-HWC and Barb Haag-Heitman, PhD, RN

Chapter 8: The Functional Framework, Bylaws and Structural Mandates for Nursing Professional Governance – Victoria George, PhD, RN, FAAN 

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New Publication Release

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