Peer Review

We assist leaders to build a culture of accountability through evidence-based peer review processes. We work with organizations to create meaningful peer review at all levels and across all disciplines that link peer review to patient safety and promote professional growth.

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Phased Approach

Phase 1


Our first step is to assess current processes for peer review that may be in place already. We use surveys, document review, and interview processes to learn. Then we work with you to create the right plan education and next steps

Phase 2


We believe that the work of designing an authentic peer review program must involve your own team as NCP’s partner in the process. NCP experts guide the Design Team in drafting what peer review will look like and how it will work to build accountability, improve patient safety, and develop practitioners.

Phase 3


NCP believes our consultation work must go beyond just designing a peer review structure. We stay with you each step of the way as you roll out and refine peer review.

Phase 4


Our experts help you develop an evaluation plan to make sure you are on the right track. NCP coordinates a research program aimed at evaluating how practitioners benefit from peer review. We invite your participation. It’s a great way to meet Magnet research requirements too!

Education & Resources

We provide education, workshops, and examples to complement our peer review consultation services.


We would be happy to put you in touch with clients who have enjoyed NCP’s help to build peer review into daily practice in their organizations.