Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice

Nursing Consulting Partners offers healthcare organizations a unique opportunity to utilize a new research and evidence-based practice (EBP) consultation service, designed to bridge the research-practice gap. Nursing research promotes lifelong professional advancement of the discipline of nursing and fosters innovation. A Nursing Scientist will assist healthcare systems by offering a full range of Research and EBP services to meet their business needs, while meeting the ANCC Magnet® requirements. New knowledge generation through the conduct of research is a requirement for Magnet® recognition and redesignation. Hospitals undertaking the Magnet® journey must build research and EBP infrastructures in order to infuse research and EBP into clinical practices.

Services Available to

Achieve Research Excellence

Service 1

Full Scope Research Program Development

NCP Nursing Scientist provides support to develop a systems / or hospital-specific  Nursing Research (NR) and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) program. Includes research infrastructure development (structure, process, outcomes), and shared governance support for NR council and EBP initiatives.
Full scope program support includes staff education, EBP tools, IRB regulatory support /mentoring for on-site expert.

Service 2

Full Scope Nursing Services IRB Support

Our consultant Nursing Scientist provides hospitals with full Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Regulatory / Compliance Program Support for Nursing Services.
Full IRB support includes development of procedures for nurses to review/navigate all NR specific projects through the IRB (hospital specific/or outside IRB e.g. Western IRB) for regulatory approval.

Service 3

Full Support for NCP Peer Review or Shared Governance (IRB Ready) Nursing Research Study

NCP Nursing Scientist provides site support for the adoption / implementation of ‘Peer Review’ or ‘Shared Governance’ research study protocol.  Each study is designed to measure Nurse’s Perception of Peer Review and/or Shared Governance (Baseline / Post-Implementation).
Purchased NCP Research Study protocol(s) include  consultant support for proposal modification for site-specific IRB approval; data collection using survey methodology, analysis and report.

Service 4

Full Scope EBP Program Development (System or Hospital-Specific)

NCP Nursing Scientist provides support to develop a systems / or hospital-specific integrated Evidence-Based Practice program. Includes full EBP program development (structure, process, outcomes), EBP Model selection, and customizing evidence-based shared governance support for nursing research council and EBP initiatives.
EBP Model selection/review for integration into the organizational framework, as the basis of inter-professional patient care.
EBP Research Fellowship Program Development, offering an integrated curriculum and learning environment (live/web-based).

Service 5

Nursing Scientist Consultant – Project Specific (Hourly rate)

We can help you plan, develop, and execute numerous research, EBP, and performance improvement projects, that you don’t have the resources to support, yet, projects are required for nursing excellence and accreditation. Take advantage of our NCP expert clinician and nursing scientist, to help develop/complete innovative projects; provide needed education; or consult on any research or EBP initiative.