Leadership Development

All of us at NCP are committed to helping nurses grow and develop as transformational leaders. We use a multi-pronged approach to address the educational needs of nurses across the trajectory of their careers.

Mentorship Programs

We help you design your own mentoring program using our NCP Mentoring Conceptual Model. Or, take advantage of our NCP Pride in Practice Mentoring Program that provides education, evidence-based tools, oversight, and follow up.

Succession Planning

NCP experts work with you to develop a needs-based leadership development plan for candidates for promotion. We use a variety of assessment tools and interview findings to craft a customized plan for emerging nurse leaders that works in the context of your own organization.

Strategic Planning

We use an inclusive, interactive approach to guide you through the strategic planning process. Consultants focus on realistic and relevant goal setting, addressing Magnet® expectations, and disseminating the plan as a road map for action and accountability.

CNO Coaching

Our consultant team includes several past CNOs with the breadth of knowledge and experience to coach CNOs in performing executive roles. We build trusting relationships and share expertise both onsite and virtually to help CNOs grow in confidence and competence as influencers at the executive table.

Leadership Education

NCP experts offer a variety of educational workshops and sessions for emerging and experienced nurses to prepare them as transformational leaders.

Organizational Assessment

We expedite the complex process of assessing the political, economic, and cultural context of the organization for new and transitioning CNOs.