Resources & Offerings

NCP is proud to provide a special collection of consultative services and related resources that distinguish us as industry leaders in advancing professional practice.

Research Opportunities

Eager to build your nursing research program? We can help you conduct a research study about professional governance or peer review in your organization. And you can use the study as Magnet evidence too!

Keynote Speakers

Our consultants are frequent keynote speakers during Nurses Week events and podium presenters at national and regional conferences.

Transitions to Practice Programs

We assist organizations to develop or strengthen their transition programs designed around the six elements of excellence. We will help you prepare the application and get ready for the appraisal process if your organization seeks accreditation for your programs.

The 2019 NCP Resource Guide

Contact us to learn how to access the 2019 NCP Resource Guide®. It is an e-book that includes 5 chapters of information about how to apply and achieve Magnet® designation. Each chapter contains valuable tools, tips, and templates to download…over 50 resources to smooth your Magnet® journey!


See the list of publications authored by our own NCP consultants!


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