Magnet® Document Writing Service!


NCP does it all! We help you find the right evidence…then write it up for you.

No other consulting service can compete with our comprehensive Magnet® document writing service.

We don’t just tell you what to write…We write it FOR you.

How Our Magnet® Document Writing Service Works:

  • First, consultants and clients work together to map out your best Magnet® examples.
  • Next, we give you templates for each Source with clear, specific directions about what information to gather for your example.
  • Then… NCP expert consultants do all the writing! We have successfully written entire Magnet® documents for over 75 Magnet® organizations.

“Saves time …and money…”

“Prevents staff frustration…”

“Minimizes writing anxiety…”

“Bypasses common hurdles…”

“Conserves resources!”

We’ll put you in touch with organizations for whom we’ve written documents.

We’ll come on-site …


 do all this VIRTUALLY!

Magnet® Document Writing Service!

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