Magnet® Recognition Has Global Appeal

The following article focuses on the popularity of Magnet® hospitals worldwide. These hospitals are recognized for their exceptional nursing practice and outstanding patient care. The Magnet Recognition Program® has gained recognition in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The article also highlights the numerous advantages of Magnet® recognition, including improved patient outcomes, increased nurse satisfaction, and higher recruitment and retention rates for nurses. Additionally, it emphasizes the challenging process of achieving Magnet recognition and the continuous dedication required to maintain it.

Sandy Lovering, NCP consultant and nurse at a hospital in Saudi Arabia, knew the Magnet Recognition Program® is considered a gold standard of nursing, but she never imagined it would be something her hospital would ever consider. Click below to read the full article.

Magnet Recognition Program has global appeal

Magnet program attracts hospitals outside of U.S.

By Heather Stringer

Magnet® Recognition Has Global Appeal

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